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FRiNGE SEASON 04 (2011–2012)

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Season 4 begins in an alternate timeline, one in which Peter did not survive his childhood illness in either universe, according to the Observers. Walter still crossed over and brought back the parallel universe Peter, but this Peter drowned on their return; Olivia and her sister were raised by Nina Sharp, though with ulterior motives. Though major events in their past have still occurred to the main characters in this timeline, the exact means by which they occurred has changed without Peter's influence, a result of the butterfly effect; Walter was released from the mental institution by Olivia, but without any point of stability, has become reclusive and unwilling to leave his lab. The Observers note traces of Peter still appearing in this timeline and set out to eradicate them. Despite this, through Olivia and Walter's actions, Peter reappears in this timeline, though still carrying memories of the original timeline, and must rebuild the relationships he had before. Meanwhile, the Fringe division in the prime universe discover a new type of shapeshifter similar to those used by the parallel universe.

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FRiNGE S04E01 "Neither Here Nor There" (September 23, 2011) | [iRDL1.iR MKV-150MB/EP]
FRiNGE S04E02 "One Night in October" (September 30, 2011) | [iRDL1.iR MKV-150MB/EP]
FRiNGE S04E03 "Alone in the World" (October 7, 2011) | [iRDL1.iR MKV-150MB/EP]
FRiNGE S04E04 "Subject 9" (October 14, 2011) | [iRDL1.iR MKV-150MB/EP]
FRiNGE S04E05 "Novation" (November 4, 2011) | [iRDL1.iR MKV-150MB/EP]
FRiNGE S04E06 "And Those We've Left Behind" (November 11, 2011) | [iRDL1.iR MKV-150MB/EP]
FRiNGE S04E07 "Wallflower" (November 18, 2011) | [iRDL1.iR MKV-150MB/EP]
FRiNGE S04E08 "Back to Where You've Never Been" (January 13, 2012) | [iRDL1.iR MKV-150MB/EP]
FRiNGE S04E09 "Enemy of My Enemy" (January 20, 2012) | [iRDL1.iR MKV-150MB/EP]
FRiNGE S04E10 "Forced Perspective" (January 27, 2012) | [iRDL1.iR MKV-150MB/EP]
FRiNGE S04E11 "Making Angels" (February 3, 2012) | [iRDL1.iR MKV-150MB/EP]
FRiNGE S04E12 "Welcome to Westfield" (February 10, 2012) | [iRDL1.iR MKV-150MB/EP]
FRiNGE S04E13 "A Better Human Being" (February 17, 2012) | [iRDL1.iR MKV-150MB/EP]
FRiNGE S04E14 "The End of All Things" (February 24, 2012) | [iRDL1.iR MKV-150MB/EP]
FRiNGE S04E15 "A Short Story About Love" (March 23, 2012) | [iRDL1.iR MKV-150MB/EP]
FRiNGE S04E16 "Nothing As It Seems" (March 30, 2012) | [iRDL1.iR MKV-150MB/EP]
FRiNGE S04E17 "Everything in Its Right Place" (April 6, 2012) | [iRDL1.iR MKV-150MB/EP]
FRiNGE S04E18 "The Consultant" (April 13, 2012) | [iRDL1.iR MKV-150MB/EP]
FRiNGE S04E19 "Letters of Transit" (April 20, 2012) | [iRDL1.iR MKV-150MB/EP]
FRiNGE S04E20 "Worlds Apart" (April 27, 2012) | [iRDL1.iR MKV-150MB/EP]
FRiNGE S04E21 "Brave New World (Part 1)" (May 4, 2012) | [iRDL1.iR MKV-150MB/EP]
FRiNGE S04E22 "Brave New World (Part 2)" (May 11, 2012) | [iRDL1.iR MKV-150MB/EP]




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