Friday, January 29, 2016

[EXPERiMENTAL] Andromax R (HS8916QC)


.: Smartphone Hisense Andromax R (HS8916QC) :.

After sharing experienced to use Smartphone with OS Windows Phone, now i'd shared experienced using Smartphone with OS Android 5.0.2 that is Hisense Andromax i46D1G or more known with Smartfren Andromax R with spesification : [Continue Reading]

[EXPERiMENTAL] Andromax R (HS8916QC) [Show]

Posted by home7ech | Last Update March 20, 2016

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Posted by Ade Putra Pramuditya the Author of iDTEKNOKU.COM

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Posted by Gilang Ramadhan the Author of Blog Kang Gira - Berbagi Itu Indah

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