Friday, August 7, 2015

How to Recover Accidentally "µTorrent Delete.torrent + Data"



How to Recover µTorrent Delete.torrent + Data ? µTorrent_Removed .torrent + data.jpg
During cleaning unused torrent in µTorrent List using option Remove And » Delete.torrent + Data", than accidentally an important .torrent + Data with a large size also had been deleted (cleanup) !

I'd allready tried (take days) using all available recovery software ((i.e., Data Rescue PC3, Handy Recovery, Minitool Power Data Recovery, Stellar Phoenix Windows Data Recovery, TestDisk, Potatoshare USB Data Recovery, Restoration), but no luck .

For Your Information (FYi):
"So if you deleted the torrent AND data (depending on what you set the default delete action to) and it's not in the recycle bin, you need to re-download it. Administrators µTorrent Community Forums.
On my cases all data NOT downloaded with µTorrent but with another Download Manager and put in the same path of µTorrent Save In Folder (Linked to) ???

It doesn't matter, i'd assumed to “re-download it”.
So if you deleted the “torrent AND data” or deleted files permanently (SHiFT+DELETED), make sure that it's not “an important” data or files. Just in case you can't recover it !!!

I need to recover the data. Every second my computer is running there is a risk some of that data will be copied over. (freeze the partition for a while).

So, if there are any suggestion or know something which can help me how to recovering it (if posible ?) drop a comment below, thanks. !!! :)

So, if there are any suggestion or know something which can help how to recover “torrent AND data” (if posible ?) drop a comment below, thanks. !!! :)

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